The traditional copper Guernsey milk can has been made by craftsmen on the island for over 1000 years. The can was still in use in the first half of the 20th Century but today its function is purely decorative.

In these pages you will be able to find the history of the can, the craftsman who produces today's cans, how they are made by Guernsey Cans (Coppersmiths) using time-honoured methods, sizes available and how you can order one of these beautiful cans for your own home, office, restaurant or bar, no matter in the world where you live.

Also find out about the design and metalwork renovation and polishing services Guernsey Cans (Coppersmiths) is able to provide together with a large range of copper and magnetic bracelets, and necklaces, we have on offer which have helped many people gain relief from rheumatic and arthritic conditions.

The Island of Guernsey
Guernsey is one of the Channel Islands situated in the Gulf of St. Malo about 30 miles from the Normandy coast of France and 80 miles from the south coast of England. It has a land area of approx. 24 square miles with a coast line of 45 miles. English is the official language, although a Norman-French patois is still spoken by some of the older population.

Originally part of the French Duchy of Normandy, the Channel Islands became linked to the English Crown with the conquest of England by William, Duke of Normandy in 1066 AD. Today the islands are a Crown Depenency of the British Isles but not part of the UK. They are self-governing, making their own laws and establishing their own taxes.

The Guernsey Can GermanFrench

The Guernsey Can, the last surviving relic of Guernsey's Norman ancestry with a pedigree of over one thousand years, is the pride of every true Guernsey home, whether granite cottage, farmhouse, or manor of a feudal fief.

Guernsey CansIt came over from Normandy in France with the original cattle in 980 AD. These cattle were the founders of the world-famous Guernsey Golden breed. The 'Froment du Leon' is the most prominent ancestor of the Guernsey Cow, and can still be seen in Brittany. According to the Norman chronicles, the Duke of Normandy sent monks from Mont St. Michel to Guernsey, and they brought the cattle with them.

The can's shape permits the least loss by "slopping" of the precious milk, so rich in cream and colour.

Guernsey's wedding gift to the late Queen Elizabeth II and the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, comprised a set of six, ranging from half-pint to three pints. They bore the seal of the Bailiwick of Guernsey which dates back to reign of Edward 1. Guernsey's wedding gift to the late Princess Margaret was a Gold Miniature Can. Illustrious visitors to Guernsey such as the late Princess Marina and Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery received these cans as gifts from the States of Guernsey and its people.

The Guernsey Can is often used as a gift at many States of Guernsey sponsored events and corporate presentations.




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